Contribution to the Motor sports

BRIDE seats, tempered in motorsports.
The No. 1 installation rate is most domestic motorsports categories

When BRIDE was founded its name recognition was low, and there were very few users in the circuits. At a certain race in the Chubu region, there was only 1 user of a BRIDE seat among the almost 200 participating cars. However, those circumstances conversely gave birth to the BRIDE's company philosophy of "providing high performance seats which are recognized in motorsports".

 We received feedback from competing drivers and made thorough improvements. Improvements led to more improvements, and BRIDE's sports seats gradually came to be praised, while the number of drivers using them in circuits also started to increase. We listened to feedback from these drivers to make even more improvements and further increase quality and performance. Even today, top drivers who are BRIDE fans and racing in SUPER GT and D1 Gran Prix actively participate in BRIDE seat development as technical advisors.

BRIDE's seats are used by a large number of drivers in a variety of motorsports. The installation rate is No. 1 in most domestic motorsports categories, including SUPER GT. (2015 achievement) We have a 95% adoption rate among drivers in the D1 Grand Prix Series, and over 55% in the Super Taikyu Series as well. Our seats are also used by many drivers in 86 Race and Gymkhana as well. BRIDE's sports seats will continue to evolve based on such large amounts of feedback from drivers, striving for even further functional advancements.