GIAS series

Rigidness and hold that rivals the full bucket seat

The GIAS series, which has undergone a full model change for the first time in 16 years, is BRIDE's flagship model in reclining sport seats. With "deep shoulder & high side support", it is the ultimate super reclining bucket seat that combines high rigidity, sturdiness, hold, and comfort.

Newly designed steel frame and monocoque shell

The monocoque shell, which has been developed based on the STRADIAⅢ model and made with a newly designed high-rigidity steel frame, has improved significantly in terms of rigidity and sturdiness compared to the previous GIASⅡmodel. The frame's tensile strength has increased by 200%, the sturdiness of the backrest by 15%, and the overall sturdiness by 40%.

The newly developed multi-level reclining mechanism

Developed with ease of use foremost in mind, the new reclining mechanism backlash has been greatly reduced compared to past models. The backrest angle can be easily adjusted with a single motion of a lever, thus making it easy to use, even in a vehicle with little room. By implementing convenience, durability, and compactness, this product realized both a high hold and comfort.

Belt holes located below the crotch area for Circuit Race

In addition to the large-sized belt holes located in the backrest which are FHR system compatible, this model is newly equipped with belt holes located on the seat's shell side, which are compatible with a 6-point harness. Furthermore, the size of the belt holes compared to the STRADIAⅢ model is reduced, which limits the extra movements of the belts, allowing for a safer run on the circuit.

Low positioning realized by the LOW MAX system

The GIAS series utilizes the LOW MAX system; a technology that is patented by BRIDE. This system allows for low positioning even with limited seat space. In addition, with the LOW MAX system, it is possible to precisely adjust the steering center and the seat center. (Might not be compatible with some vehicles.)

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