RACING series

An exclusive competition model which has evolved as a racing fixed bucket. A pure racing style tempered on the circuits

All models in the RACING Series have been designed exclusively for competition. Our line-up also features FIA-approved models which have passed the FIA's stringent crash tests. We can also respond to the needs of a diverse array of race categories and drivers with our models with HANS device compatibility, models which use BRIDE's patented LOWMAX System technology, and more

Models with HANS device support also available

From 2017, all JAF-approved races will require the installation of HANS devices. At BRIDE, we offer a HANS-compatible model, PROFACE, in our competition-use line-up. IWe offer a HANS-compatible model, PROFACE, in our competition-use line-up. It firmly protects the driver with neck support via the installed HANS device, combined with the head support required in many competition categories

The LOWMAX System, which realizes the maximum low position

The seat shell of the seat surface of MAXIS III and ZODIA is a large concave shape of an egg type. By installing the seat rails as if this seat shell depression is inserted into the seat rails, you can realize the maximum low position. This is BRIDE's patented technology, the "LOWMAX System", which enables a low position even in tight seating spaces in sports cars and racecars. The twisting strength and rigidity strength have also remarkably improved.

Head support to protect the driver from offset impact from the rear

Presently, most FIA competition categories recommend the use of head support equipment. BRIDE has understood the need for head support since long before it was recommended, and has been working on design and development. Our competition-specification seats which protect the driver from impacts such as offset impacts from the rear, which are considered the most dangerous, are used in racing scenes all over the world

Competition-use fixed bucket seats exclusively designed for Elise, Exige, Beat, and Cappuccino

ZODIA is a competition-use fixed bucket seat designed for sports cars with tight interior space such as Lotus Elise, Lotus Exige, Honda Beat, and Suzuki Cappuccino. It is designed with a compact form so it can be installed in tight seat spaces


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