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Racing spirit of BRIDE

We have been evolving based on the corporate philosophy of "providing high-performance seats recognized by world motorsports" since its foundation.

Bride's seat has been selected and appreciated as many top drivers in the motor sports scene including Super GT, Super Taikyu, D1 Grand Prix, Formula Drift, All Japan Rally, All Japan Gymkhana, All Japan Dirt Trial etc. Bride's seat is evolving based on the corporate philosophy of "providing high-performance seats recognized by world motorsports" since its founding from the beginning of the relationship between Bride and Motor Sports. Relations with BRIDE and motor sport sheet of BRIDEs based on the corporate philosophy of "providing a high-performance sheet to be recognized in the world of motor sports " from its founding is to have been evolved .

D1 Grand Prix

D1 Grand Prix with a lot of fans around the world. D1 Grand Prix with many fans in domestic as well as overseas. The D1 Grand Prix consists of a single run competing for the accuracy of the drift technique and a follow-up of a one-on-one tournament battle, but in both cases the driver needs accurate manipulation. For that reason, it is necessary to have a high holding ability to hold the driver even in heavy drift driving, and a seat that can be operated accurately and quickly. 95% of the D1 Grand Prix drivers have selected the BRIDE and are wearing them. ZETAIII, GARDISIII, MAXISIII and many others are installed.

86/BRZ Race

86 / BRZ Race is a one-make race with exclusive models of TOYOTA 86 and SUBARU BRZ that anyone can participate if they have a domestic A license. In the professional series, a lot of professional drivers are participating, such as Nobuteru Taniguchi, Manabu Orido, Takayuki Aoki, Naoki Hattori, Yukihiro Hane, Eiji Yamada, etc., driver using BRIDE seat is 69.9%, which is a very high fitting ratio,ZETAⅢ which was trained with many races and ZIEGⅢ are installed.
Nobuteru Taniguchi who became the second consecutive champion in 2014 and 2015 also usees a BRIDE seat.


Domestic endurance race with a history of 25 years as a predecessor of N1 durability started as a durable race fighting in vehicles based on commercial vehicles such as sports cars and touring cars is SUPER TAIKYU. It is also characteristic that cars of various genres participate. Since the endurance race will be high speed and long driving on the circuit, the seat is required to have high capabilities such as safety, holdability, operability and so on. A 55.8% team selected and used a BRIDE seat. In Super Taikyu, competition model, PROFACE and GARDIS are used. ENDLESS SPORT which is the champion team of the 2015 ST - X class also uses a BRIDE seat.


Team BRIDE is the team that BRIDE produces. The team, which was born in FY 1990, has participated as a part of product development for automobile competition in the touring car category such as gymkana, dart trial, sprint race, endurance race etc. What you aim for in the harshest competition world is "victory". We are challenging with all the races, full power.

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